Halloween Superstitions

A Halloween custom is to fill a tub with water and drop into it as many apples as there are young folks to try the trick. Then each one must kneel before the tub and try to bite the apples without touching them with the hands. The one who bites one first will marry first.

Hang an apple by the door at chin height, rub the chin with saliva, stand about six inches from the apple, and hit the chin against the apple. If it sticks to the chin, you will be married, and your true love will stick with you.

A girl goes to a field on Halloween at midnight to steal cabbages. The first man she meets on her return will be her new husband.

At midnight a young lady walks backward into the garden and picks a cabbage. She will see her future husband over her shoulder.

Shortly before midnight a pure white bowl is produced, that has never been touched except by any lips of a new-born infant. If it is a woman whose fortune is to be tried (and it generally is) the child must be a boy. The bowl is filled with water from a spring-well, after which twenty-six pieces of white paper about an inch square, on each of which must be written one letter of the alphabet, are placed in the bowl with the letters turned downward. These must be dropped in as the clock strikes midnight, or it will not work.  All being ready, the young lady repeats the lines:

Fortune, tell me where is he
Who my future lord shall be;
From this bowl all that I claim
Is to know my lover’s name.

The bowl is then securely locked away, and must not be disturbed until sunrise the following morning, when she is placed before it blindfolded. She then picks out the same number of letters as there are in her own name. After these are all out the blindfold is removed, and the paper letters spread out before her. She attempts to spell a man’s name as best she can with the letters at her disposal. The name thus found will be that of her future husband.

On Halloween a girl is to go through a graveyard, steal a cabbage and place it above the her door. The one on whom the cabbage falls as the door is opened is to be her husband.
Put an egg to roast before the fire and leave the doors and windows open. When it begins to sweat a cat will come in and turn the egg.  After the cat will come the man you are to marry, and he will turn it. If you are to die unmarried, the shadow of a coffin will appear.

On Halloween go upstairs backwards, eating a hard boiled egg without salt, and looking in the mirror. You will see your future husband in the glass, looking over your shoulder.

Go down the cellar stairs backward on Halloween, carrying a mirror into which you look. A face will be seen over your shoulder which will be that of your future husband.

On Halloween put a ring in a dish of mashed potatoes, and the one who gets the ring will be married first.

Mash potatoes and conceal a ring, a coin, and a button. Divide the potatoes into as many portions as there are persons present. The ring denotes marriage, the coin riches, and the button misfortune.

On Halloween, girls place three saucers beside each other, one filled with earth, the next water and in the third a ring. They are respectively death, cloister or an unmarried life, and marriage.

Write the names of three men on three pieces of paper, roll them into balls, put these into balls made of Indian meal (wet so as to roll up), put the balls of meal into a basin of water: whichever one rises to the top bears the name of the one you’ll marry.