Money Superstitions You Can Count On!

Who’d have thought that you could make money just by catching the bubbles in your morning cup of coffee… you gotta love this stuff!

A group of bubbles on a cup of coffee signifies money.

A mass of bubbles floating on a cup of coffee signifies that money is coming to one. If he can take up the bubbles on his spoon, it indicates that he will get the money, but if they escape he will not.

If when you stir your coffee at breakfast you will try to catch the bubbles on top, you can have as many dollars as you can catch whole ones.

To find money and keep it insures good luck through the year.

Put the first piece of money you get in the morning into your stocking, and you will have more to add to it before night.

If you find a piece of money the first day of the year, you will have good luck all the rest of the year.

If paper money is folded lengthwise first, it will insure the possession of money. If folded the short fold first, money will not remain in the pocket.

If your initials spell a word, it means that you will be rich.

If the right hand itches, it is a sign you will receive money; if the left, you will spend money, because R stands for receive, and L for let go.

If the left hand itches and you rub it on wood, you’ll receive money before the end of the week.

Rub it on wood
To make it good.

Itching in the palm of the hand means that it will soon receive money. Clasp the closed hand into the pocket.

If you place your money according to value, i.e., lay it in order, you will be rich.

An old superstition pertaining to clothing is, that before putting on new clothes a sum of money must be placed in the right-hand pocket, which will insure it’s always being full. If by mistake, however, it be put in the left hand pocket, the wearer will never have a penny so long as the clothes last.

There’s a “bag of money” or a “pot of gold” at the end of the rainbow.

When you see a shooting star, say “money”.  As many times as you are able to repeat the word during the fall of the star, so many dollars you will have in your pocket.

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