Common Superstitions for Feet, Fingers and Other Body Parts

Here are some really fun superstitions about hands, feet, hair and even dimples that were common during the 1800’s and probably centuries before then too.  A lot of these were new to me and I was awfully amused by them so I hope they’ll be new and fun for you too. I’m not sure how much belief I put in any of these, some of them do seem to contradict themselves, but they do make you think… next time I run into someone with a dimple on their chin I’m probably gonna be extra cautious!


Dimple on the chin.  Devil within.

A dimple on the chin is good luck.  Some would say “it shows you’re no fool.”

A dimple is the mark left by an angel’s finger when turning up the baby’s face to kiss when he or she is sleeping.


Small ears show that a person is stingy. Large ones show that he or she is generous.

Large ears are a sign of a liar. Small ears indicate that one is usually telling the truth.

Long, slim ears are a sign that you will be a thief.

If the protuberance behind the ear is large, it shows benevolence.

Eyes and Eyebrows

Hazel eyes are a sign of a good disposition.

If your eyebrows meet, you will be rich.

If the eyebrows meet, one has a bad temper. (Does this mean that if you have a uni-brow you’re destined to be rich and ill-tempered?)  🙂

If the eyebrows are set far apart, you will live far away from your home; if they are near, you will live nearby your home, or at home.

Heavy eyebrows mean you will live a  long life.

A well-known children’s rhyme goes like this:

Blue-eye beauty, Do your mammy’s duty!
Black eye, pick a pie, Run around and tell a lie!
Gray-eye, greedy gut,  Eat all the world up!


Always keep your nails clean and you will be rich.

A white spot in the nail, when it comes, means a present. You get the present when it grows to the end and you trim your nails.

White spots on the nails of the left hand point out the number of lies you have told.

White spots on your nails mean:

(First finger) a friend,

(Second finger) a foe,

(Third finger) a gift,

(Fourth finger) a beau,

(Fifth finger) a journey to go.


If your instep is high enough to have water flow under it, you come from a good family.

A mole on the sole of the left foot means trouble and hardships during life.


Coarse hair indicates good nature; fine hair a quick temper.

Red hair indicates a “spit-fire.”

Beware of that man,
Be he friend or brother,
Whose hair is one color
And moustache another.

The color of the hair growing on the neck signifies the color of the hair of one’s future husband.

A single white hair means genius; it should not be removed.

If you pull out a white hair, two will grow in it’s place.

Hair growing on the upper lip of a woman means riches.

The point formed by the hair growing on the forehead is called “A widow’s peak.”

When a woman’s hair parts where it should not, it is a sure sign she will be a widow.

Draw a single hair from the head forcefully. If it curls up, you are a proud person.

Hairy arms mean wealth.

Hairy arms mean strength.

Scrape the finger-nail and the thumb-nail along a hair, and if, by the third time, it curls up, the owner is high-tempered.

Put some of your hair in the fire. If it burns slowly you will have a long life. If quickly, a short one.


A straight line in the palm of the hand is an omen of an early death.

The letter formed by the veins on the inside of the wrist is the initial of the name of the future husband or wife.

A person with an initial appearing on his or her hand will be very lucky in selecting a marriage partner.

In clasping your own hand, you put on top either your right or your left thumb. If the right, you are to rule;  if the left,  you yield.

If the thumb sticks up in the closed fist, you are either capable or honest, probably the latter, as thieves are said to stick their thumbs in.

If you’re unable to make your thumb and one finger meet around your wrist, you are a glutton.

If you cannot touch the tips of your little finger and first finger together behind the two middle fingers, on both hands, then you will not marry the man you want to marry.

Clasp your fingers, and if the right thumb laps over the left you were born in the daytime. If the left overlap, you were born at night.

The number of folds on your wrist as you bend your hand shows the number of thirties you are to live.

If the ends of the fingers are capable of being bent far back, it indicates a thief.


A mole on the eyebrow denotes that one will be hanged. On the ear it denotes that he will be drowned.

Moles on the neck, Money by the peck.

A mole on the side of the neck means a death by hanging.

A mole on your arm indicates wealth.

Mole on your arm, Live on a farm.

A mole on the arm means that you will fight lots of battles, but you will be very successful at winning those battles.


A vein across the nose is an omen of short life.


A broad space between the teeth indicates someone who lies.

Front teeth that are broad in width mean that one is generous.

A space between the two front upper incisors signifies riches.

If the front teeth are wide apart, it means that one has a hard time keeping a secret.  If overlapping, one is close-mouthed.

Do not trust people with pointed teeth.

If you have a space between your teeth, it is a sign that you will die of tuberculosis.

A bump on the tongue is a sign one has told a lie.

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